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Osha Thai: A Culinary Journey To Authentic Street Fare

This new restaurant sets out to elevate the food scene with a blend of authentic street-style Thai cuisine and modern dining flair.

In the bustling culinary landscape of Houston, a new gem is set to shine next year. Osha Thai is the brainchild of renowned Restauranteur Saranya Danvetnukro. This innovative dining establishment, set for 12220 Westheimer Rd., promises to revolutionize the Thai food experience in the city.

Osha Thai sets itself apart with its commitment to authentic Thai street food. In a recent interview, Danvetnukro emphasized that this isn’t just about the ingredients but the very essence of Thai cooking techniques and styles. “This will be authentic street Thai food, which is more about the technique and cooking style compared to traditional Thai food,” Danvetnukro explained. The menu is expected to feature homemade, made-from-scratch dishes that resonate with the authenticity of Thai cuisine. “When you eat it, this feels like real Thai food,” she added.

This new Thai spot will distinguish itself by focusing on the lunch crowd while providing convenient take-out and delivery options as well for dinner. This approach caters to the fast-paced lifestyle of Houstonians, offering them a taste of Thailand amidst their busy schedules.

Moreover, Osha Thai is not just about food. It promises a typical dining experience complete with a full bar and an array of mixed beverage options. This fusion of authentic Thai street food with a contemporary dining setting is poised to create a unique culinary experience.

Danvetnukro is no stranger to the culinary world. She currently owns Nua Thai, another esteemed establishment that has already made its mark in the realm of Thai cuisine.

Danvetnukro’s expertise and experience gained from Nua Thai have undoubtedly played a significant role in shaping her ambitious vision for Osha Thai. Her commitment to authenticity and quality in Nua Thai sets a promising precedent for what food enthusiasts can expect at her new venture.

The website and social media are soon to come as final details get nailed down prior to establishing an online presence where future patrons can keep up-to-date with the progression prior to opening come time.

Slated for a September 2024 opening, Osha Thai will then join the ranks at the new and exciting 10-acre development, West on West.

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